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    Thank you for visiting our company page and taking the time to learn more about Walstrom Aviation and what we have to offer. Walstrom Aviation  was founded by Bryan Walstrom January of 2019 after discovering several light production aviation companies that offered very impressive products or services. These companies were beginning to scale and in need of resources to assist with the rapid growth. Combining Bryan's passion for all things aviation, technical background and simple joy found in conversing with others, filling the need for sales, marketing and building brands suddenly became a desirable venture. And what an ADVENTURE! Networking is a powerful thing and add to that "passion" that so many of us share in aviation, it's often quite easy to connect the dots with the need and demand. 

    Bryan Walstrom has roots in South Florida from Palm Beach County and specifically Palm Beach Gardens where he learned to fly at F45 North County General Aviation Airport at the age of 16 (awarded Private Pilot certification age 19). Bryan began working at this airport at the age of 16 and worked for nearly all of the companies on the field at that time. These included the FBO as a Line Manager, maintaining some of the Flight School aircraft, and eventually working with the Avionics shop learning everything from wiring, instrument testing to machining instrument panels. Bryan's first airplane was a 1970 Grumman Yankee which he purchased to continue his flight training. His first aircraft project, the Early Bird Jenny 2/3 scale replica (plans only), was built to the stage of needing fabric covering and then sold to start and RV6 project. Soon after he teamed up with TEAM ROCKET aircraft that produced the F1 Rocket high performance aircraft and began building jigs and sub-assemblies for that aircraft. Some life changes happened and Bryan then decided to take a traveling job which quickly gave him a different opinion about flying as a career and stopped flight training. He pursued many different careers including Corporate Trainer for a major franchise, CNC Machinist, Supercar Builder (MT900), Property Management, Home Inspection, Motorcycle Builder, Field Service Technician in Automation, Builder in Automation, Tech Support at a call center, and finally Project Management for mutli-million dollar automation projects. Colorful to say the least. But Bryan's passion always remained in aviation and enjoys building nearly as much as flying. Life has many seasons, and this season it was time to join his fellow pilots and aviation enthusiasts and start working in the industry that had been beckoning the entire time. Enter in Walstrom Aviation LLC. 

     Walstrom Aviation is currently working with:

     Zenith Aircraft -  Sebastien Heintz manufactures several Light Sport / Experimental Aircraft and is         one of the leading kit aircraft companies of all time. Current production aircraft are the CH701,             CH650, CH750 STOL, CH750 Cruzer and CH750 Super Duty models. 

     Experimental Aircraft Channel - Owned/Operated by Bryan Walstrom is a YouTube channel                   created out of the need to showcase the builders work to the world and what takes place in ones         garage or hangar while building kit aircraft. This is an attempt to get more people involved in               aviation and specifically amateur kit building. It has also proven to be an excellent networking             tool getting to meet so many people sharing the same passion and interests

Walstrom Aviation is here to help you navigate your way in to getting into the air with many different options to choose from according to your flying mission and budget. 

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Our Products and Services

- Zenith Aircraft Component Kits

- Zenith Aircraft Builder Coaching on Location

- DIY Metal Working Projects

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