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So... WHY Builder Assistance?

  Why? In short... we love people! We love sharing the privilege and experience of being able to create and work on these great projects in aviation. We love the smell of aluminum and workshops! We love to see people actively working towards seeing their dreams come true. We know once in a while you simply get stuck on an assembly or are even hesitant to start such a huge project such as building an entire aircraft. So we want to make ourselves available to you and meet you where you are at. And if that means a "house call" to get you going then we will do just that!

So... How Does this Work?

  Typically we schedule One Week coaching sessions that are Monday-Friday or a weekend session Saturday-Sunday with travel days planned for the evening before and the morning after the scheduled session. These options are intended to get you over the hump on the smaller tasks or get an entire assembly near completion during the longer sessions. 

  *Customized sessions and duration can be personalized to meet your needs and current build status. Please don't hesitate to inquire about a personalized schedule that can work for everyone. 

So... How Much Does it Cost?

 Not nearly as much as you would think! Send us an email or pick up the phone and call us directly to get a personalized quote to meet you where you are at to keep you going on your Zenith Aircraft project. You will be back at it and gaining momentum again towards flying in no time!

 How Soon Can We Start?

 Right now! Get in touch with us TODAY to get you on the schedule so that we can coordinate travel to you and work alongside you building your aircraft!

Looking forward to working with you!

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