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RTF (Ready-to-Fly) Ultralight Custom Building

Kit Assembly 

Kit Assembly and Build Coaching at YOUR location

   Walstrom Aviation also offers assembly services for your Badland Ultralight with complete turn-key (or Pull-Start) ready to fly aircraft. You choose your colors and paint scheme as well as your options from the factory and we go to work to build you a very custom awesome looking Ultralight. 

   Walstrom Aviation also offers Kit assembly services for the Aventura II and the Aventura UL kits at the sub-component level. 

   The Aventura kits are available to be built as an Experimental or Experimental Light Sport complete and ready to fly if you choose.

   Walstrom Aviation also offers sub-component assembly of your Zenith kits (Tail, Wing and Fuselage components). And if you need a little push to keep you going or some assistance on an assembly that you may be hesitant to start, we offer "Build Coaching" at YOUR location. 

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