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   Get into the air faster with Walstrom Aviation's Quickbuild Component Kits. We offer sub-kit assembly for the Tail, Wings and Fuselage kits sold by Zenith Aircraft. With many options on how to complete your component assembly. Including priming and painting or vinyl wrap services. Also check out our SERVICES page for more info on Builder Coaching /Builder Assistance at your location!

Step 1

Place your order with Zenith Aircraft with delivery destination to Walstrom Aviation in Alford, Florida

Step 2

When the crate arrives we inspect and inventory the kit, begin rounding any sharp corners, deburring, add any service options you have selected and meticulously assemble your kit

Step 3

Approximately 8 weeks or less it is crated and shipped to your door with all components within the kit assembled or you can schedule to pick up your completed kit in person

Tail Quickbuild Assembly (Labor ONLY)

Fuselage Quickbuild Assembly (Labor ONLY)

Wings Quickbuild Assembly (Labor ONLY)

* 50% Deposit required to put you on the build schedule. 100% payment is required when your kit arrives from Zenith Aircraft at Walstrom Aviation's build facility   

** Shipping from Zenith Aircraft to Walstrom Aviation's build facility is not included 

*** Shipping from Walstrom Aviation's build facility to final destination is not included. Please ask for personalized shipping quotes 

Place your deposit to be put on the build schedule here

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